The HackerYou Community

I am now 3 weeks deep in HackerYou’s Front-End Web Dev Bootcamp course. Someone from the part-time class asked me yesterday how I was finding the course and I replied “Its the best decision I ever made in my life!” Obviously she probably didn’t think i meant that quite literally, but I did. I haven’t felt this happy in a really long time and its mainly because of the amazing and supportive mentors and classmates that I am so lucky to spend 8 hours (sometimes more) everyday with. I had a huge list of things I wanted to accomplish for my week 2 project and I was able to achieve most of that with the help of my classmates and mentors. What I really appreciate about HackerYou is that the people here are just so open to sharing their resources and talents with each other. Different from other educational institutions, Its not a competitive environment, we work individually on our projects and strive for the best but we work as a team to help each other succeed at whatever it is that one hopes to be successful at — you just gotta ask!

HackerYou creates a feeling of home away from home, and the people around you make you feel like family. I couldn’t ask for a better educational experience!



Officially Hacked: How I Got To HackerYou

I’m 1 week deep in HackerYou’s Full-Time Front-End bootcamp and it’s been awesome!

Before HackerYou, I was a fresh Communication Studies graduate from York University thinking I knew exactly what I wanted as a career. I had worked towards getting a career in the entertainment industry for a while. First as a musician — mostly writing music and performing all over the GTA — then trying to pursue a career in TV production for the last 4 years as my fall-back plan.

I continued to work towards getting a job with TV production and media companies as I had already been interning/volunteering within the industry for a while now and made so many great connections along the way. I did my last internship in April with Bell Media this year and halfway through it, I was losing a bit of steam, rethinking what I wanted to do with my future. I knew I wanted to do something creative, as I don’t ever want to pursue a career that would require me to compromise my creativity.

I then came across web development by accident — something that was completely foreign to me. I heard about HackerYou through a good friend of mine that had taken the part-time Ruby-on-Rails course and he invited me to come to his final demo day. I came to support him and without expecting it, I was completely blown away by the work that had been produced by each and every one of the students in the class.

I was then tempted enough to see what coding was all about. I started off small and signed up for the Ladies Learning Code intro to HTML and CSS workshop and I had a blast! I got so excited about everything that I had learned that day that I continued to tinker with this new beast of a technology for the next few weeks.

I then looked up more long-term classes that HackerYou offered and I decided that I wanted to take the part-time intro to HTML and CSS. Heather had me come in for an interview (best interview i’ve ever had) to get to know me and my interests a bit more as she wanted to make sure my intentions in wanting to take the course was fitting to what the program offered. She then told me about the bootcamp course and how I had the option of signing up for that too. I won’t lie, I was definitely intimidated by the idea at the time. So i went home that evening knowing that I had some serious thinking to do. I knew this would be a huge game changer in my life, so I consulted my family and friends. I had mixed responses from everyone–most were supportive of the idea–but despite what anyone thought, I think I had already made up my mind by that point. I wasn’t going to turn down such a great opportunity!

Here I am now – ready to take on the world of web development and make these next 8 weeks the best learning experience of my life. Wish me luck!